Tell us your idea and your marketing goals, we’ll think about the video.

What do we do

We design videos starting from data, with a little help by artificial intelligence and the right dose of creativity.

We’re specialised in the production of dynamic data-driven videos, personalised and scalable in time. With Animable, we optimise the video production process while paying attention to the creative stage.

Do you often need to update the price of your products/services in your videos? You don’t have to do it manually anymore. Our data-driven technology will do it automatically! Do you want your email marketing campaign to rely on videos but have too many contacts and don’t know how to manage them all? We’ll see to the creation of custom videos addressed to each of them. With Animable, even personalisation happens on a large scale. 

Who’s our target audience: whether you’re a startup, a SME or an agency, let us surprise you the way only Animable can.

Check what you can create with Animable

Video Pitch

Show your business idea in max 90 secs.

Corporate Video

Tell your company’s mission, vision and values.

Product Promo

Highlight the main features and the benefits of your product or service.

Explainer Video

Explain your product/service in a few, simple steps.

Social Media Video

Catch the attention of your audience on social media.

Educational Video

Broadcast your knowledge with compelling video content.


Promote your product or service on your video channels.

Internal Communication

Create educational video content for your company and employees.

Video Series

Create more videos on the same topic.

Who are we talking to


You want your business to take off? You have a pitch but the slides are not enough to convince potential investors? Save time and cut on the costs of video production with Animable.

Innovative SMEs

What if we told you that video marketing suits you? Every company, big or small, has a story to tell. Whether it’s aimed at social media, websites or you want to share it directly with your customers, Animable can turn it into a video in line with your needs.


Producing high-quality videos for your customers’ marketing strategies takes time, effort and money. You want to improve your processes? Rely on our team.

How it works

Animable reads your mind. Thanks to its smart interface, the power of artificial intelligence and the experience of our creative team, Animable translates your idea into video marketing projects.
Not only! It automates the process of information acquisition and brief creation, leaving enough room for human creativity in the stages involving creative production.

What are you waiting for?

1. The idea for a brief

Collect your thoughts and try to tell us what you have in mind. Our procedure will guide you through the draft of a brief with all the necessary indications for the video production.

2. How much?

Thanks to your brief, we’ll be able to send you a bespoke quote. You won’t have to pay everything immediately: once you accept the quote, you will only need to remit 10% as a down payment. The remainder is for when we’ve done the job.

3. Stories and styles

It’s time to get to know each other! We’ll work on the story to tell, the style to define and the script to write.

4. Let’s create the video

Lights, cameras, action! We’ll realise your story through images, footage, sound, music, fonts and colours. We will integrate your data to make your videos dynamic and custom.

5. It’s all yours

Enjoy! You’ve got nothing else to do but collect your video.