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1. Knock knock: write to us

Send your CV to to join Animable’s community.

2. Tell us who you are

Tell us you’re a creative without telling us you’re a creative. How? Let your portfolio say something about you. Attach it to your application! We will match the briefs we receive to your style.

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Together, we’ll make it explode. Make room for your ideas.

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How do I track progress of my application?

Don’t worry about tracking you application. we will get back to yuo via email in any case (no matter what your result is).
Send us your portfolio/resume/cover letter. We wuold immediately understand if you are a good match for our project.

Do we need to meet face to face?

No we don’t need to interview you. We will consider exclusively you artistic project. Yor art is you.

How much is the creative work paid?

Every project requires different effort. So the payment depends on the features of the video of the video projects, the time spent onth project and the expertise needed

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