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Animable is the data-driven video marketing platform for the production of your videos. Thanks to artificial intelligence-based technology and a team of motion graphic designers, illustrators, and marketing experts, it creates dynamic and personalised videos according to the interests of your target audience. In a few clicks, you can fill in our video brief and we will get back to you with a quotation. Once accepted, we will start to create the best video to reach your marketing goals.
We produce Data-Driven Animated Videos, that is dynamics and customized videos, whose content changes according to the data source.

We mainly create data-driven animated videos. An Animated Video is a video with graphics, words and/or animated illustrations, using visual effect with the purpose of communicating a message in a catchy and interesting way. In addition to this, we can insert already-shot scenes (taken from an online library or/and shot by the client) and screen recordings.

We produce a custom video within 20 working days. Based on your needs, we can deliver it sooner or later than that, though. If you have a specific date of release that is shorter than 20 days from now, let us know.

Of course you can. In the video brief, we will ask you to insert your own video reference or to select max 3 among the options provided.

Yes, we develop Screencast videos too. It’s one of our specialties. You can show your UI, interface, platform mockup or usability in your video with the screen recording.

Yes, we do! Logo animation is pure motion graphics. Select the option “Animated Video” when we ask you for the technique of your choice. And, please, be very specific when you describe your video idea.

Yes, we do use Stock Footage Videos. We only need a detailed Video brief in order to identify suitable stock footage for the video. Our Creative team will then combine Stock images and Animation to create the perfect video.

No, we currently do not produce Live Action Videos, but we combine animation with stock footage taken from online libraries. Creating Live Action videos is a complex and time-consuming activity, but since our goal is to provide you with a time-saving solution, we decided to focus on Animated Video. If you want to produce a Live Action video, do not hesitate to contact our agency, Hueval. Here’s the link to the website: https://www.hueval.com/

No, we currently don’t. Our offer is based on custom animated videos we build from scratch according to the brief you provide us. If you want to edit a Live Action video, do not hesitate to contact our agency, Hueval. Here’s the link to the website: https://www.hueval.com

During all the steps of video production, you can request max 2 reworks.

You will be constantly in touch with us via mail. We will send an email recap for every step of the video production process.

No, we are a complete online solution. We are available to chat anytime on email.

You can change your brief until you accept the quotation. If you change your mind for key factors, your quotation could undergo modifications.

As your video is produced from scratch, we can deliver the final video in any requested format and in high quality. The most used formats are MP4, MOV, AVI, and MPEG. Let us know if you need your video in a more specific format.

Yes, you can definitely book them. To do so, you can select “Video Series” in the video category. Please, be very specific when describing your idea.

The length depends on the main purpose of  the video and the channel of distribution. For example, if you want to distribute your video on social media, you have to consider that every medium has a different length of video upload. Length is one of the main factors that influence pricing. Shorter video means lower price. So be aware of the purpose and channel of distribution when you select the answers because it will affect your quote.

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