New technologies are changing the way companies tell their stories and communicate through videos.
How? Discover Animable.

Animable is the data-driven video marketing platform for the production of your videos. Thanks to artificial intelligence-based technology and a team of motion graphic designers, illustrators, and marketing experts, it creates dynamic and personalised videos according to the interests of your target audience.

Designed by video production and communication professionals for your marketing needs.

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With Animable you can realise scalable data-driven videos to optimise your time and your budget.
(You only need to update the data!)

AI quality, data-driven content

Artificial intelligence, our unstoppable creativity and the integration of data sources are the perfect combination to design utterly personalised videos.

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Let’s create your brief

What we believe in

Human creativity is irreplaceable. But with artificial intelligence it can be boosted.

We believe that technology and artificial intelligence can benefit human creativity. Together, they turn ideas into stories and content into compelling communication strategies.

What we do

Imagine you want to create videos from data.
Add the use of artificial intelligence and the right amount of creativity.
Here, this is what we do. You just need to know how.

We structure your brief

You only need to reply to our short questions to create the project’s brief Animable needs to design your videos.

We tell your story

You’re happy with the brief? We get to work to design the video according to your needs, marketing goals and the message you want to communicate.

We help you save money

We optimise the process of video production by enhancing the creative stage. The data change? We update your video so you can keep up with the times.

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