Automate your video marketing and boost your sales

The all-in-one video marketing platform to automate the creation and distribution of your videos through dynamic campaigns.

With Animable you can:

Scale your video content creation

Generate thousands of creative variations in minutes starting from a single pre-build template. With data integration Animable will dynamically showcase products, locations, prices, weather, sport live results, data report and more.

Stay on brand

Add or link your brand identity assets into your dashboard and Animable will adapt the video to your brand identity.

Create Dynamic ADS

Trigger your marketing campaign and decide it to start at a specific event.
Animable will deliver your videos through multi target and cross channel campaigns, adapting the format (auto-resizing) to the different channels.

Real-time data

Use real-time data to deliver relevant messages for your audience. Geolocation, weather, API, statistic data, CRM's data, are some of the sources Animable can use to trigger your marketing campaign and to personalise your video content.

Be relevant to your audience in every market

With Animable you can adapt your message to respond to the different markets your brand serves.
Animable adapts your message on a global scale, dynamically modifying the video template with customized data on prices, languages, local stores, promotions and products. 

Personalise experiences for your audience

Deliver messages relevant to your audience and increase customer retention rate, engagement and loyalty.
Animable will create and deliver for every lead, contact or item, a separate and unique video.

how we boost your video marketing process

Customize your profile

Sign in and customize your dashboard. Upload or link your logo and your brand identity assets (logo, colors, fonts, icons, images,...).

1st Video Template

Choose the template that best suits your communication needs.

It will adapt to your company’s brand identity.

Data Integration

Integrate your data and sources to create personalised multiple variants of your video.

Personalised videos

Animable generates multiple variations of your video, personalised for different users & channels.


Create dynamic marketing campaigns!
Deliver dynamic content & message for different users & channels.

Build the perfect video campaign

Scale your video content production, reduce production time and costs, and increase online marketing campaign performances.

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